Regarding the Munzee.DK Shutdown

Hey all.

You may have seen the news a few months ago that the Munzee.DK Clan Stats website was shutting down.

Well, the day has come, and not just the Munzee.DK Clan Stats but also their Social and Universal Cappers are now offline, and 'm sure many will be disappointed to no longer be able to use the tools they use so regularly.

Now, as I did when MunzStat shut down, I want to make sure people still have some of their favourite tools, so I've got a few announcements to make.

Clan Stats V3

I'm now in the process of building out a new Clan Stats system for CuppaZee V3, which should have more customisation options than the existing V2 system.

With this new system, I'm hoping to allow people to easily make it much closer to the look and feel of Munzee.DK's stats than was previously possible, allowing those coming from Munzee.DK to feel at home much quicker.

Once this system has released, I'll be happy to take feedback to see if there's any specific things from Munzee.DK's stats that you're really missing, and I'll try my best to make something that works right for you.

Social/Universal Import

I'm pleased to say that although the Munzee.DK Cappers have shut down, you'll still be able to capture all of the Social and Universal Munzees that were on the site.

Over the coming weeks, I will be working to import all of the Munzees that were on the Munzee.DK cappers into CuppaZee's Social/Universal Capper, so they will once again be cappable.

I will ensure that all Munzees imported from the Munzee.DK capper will be labelled with information on their source (eg. "Imported from Munzee.DK").

If you do not want your Social/Universal Munzees to be imported into CuppaZee, you can email me at


I'm not entirely sure yet how long these projects will take, so I recommend keeping an eye on CuppaZee's Facebook Page and the #cuppazee channel in the Munzee Discord server for the latest updates.

If you've got any other questions or feedback, feel free to contact me. :)