On the shutdown on Munzee.DK and MunzStat, the future of CuppaZee and New Features

On the shutdown on Munzee.DK and MunzStat, the future of CuppaZee and New Features


I was saddened to see recently that two large 3rd party Munzee tools, MunzStat and Munzee.dk, have announced they are shutting down.

I've used both of these tools regularly over the past many years, and they've provided massive help to the whole Munzee community. They've been a huge inspiration in developing CuppaZee myself, and without them, CuppaZee would most likely not be here today.

Thank you to both Lars and Jakob for supporting your tools for as long as you did. I'm sure most of the community will agree with me saying that the game wouldn't be the same without your tools.

I have two main things I would like to talk about today. Firstly, I would like to discuss the longevity of CuppaZee. Secondly, I will be discussing bringing some features from these tools to CuppaZee.

CuppaZee's Longevity

Let's begin with CuppaZee's longevity. As an open-source project on GitHub, with all servers funded entirely through donations via Patreon, Ko-Fi and PayPal, CuppaZee could, without too much difficulty, be taken over by a new maintainer if I'm no longer able to continue maintenance myself.

Of course, I don't plan to stop maintaining CuppaZee any time soon. I'm still enjoying developing it, and I'm still hard at work on improvements and new features.

Features Poll

Over the past 24 hours or so, I've had requests from many people about me bringing various MunzStat features over to CuppaZee.

To get a clear view of what features from MunzStat and Munzee.DK the Munzee Community use, I've created a Google Form for people to fill in, letting me know which features you use. You can view this form here.

With the poll results, I can make informed decisions on which features I should prioritise development for in future CuppaZee versions.


Home Screen Widget

One of the highest requested features has been for CuppaZee to have a Home Screen widget. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible due to the cross-platform setup of CuppaZee, and the fact that I don't have a Mac. However, new systems being developed by the team at Expo may make this possible within the next few months. If anything changes regarding whether I can make a Home Screen widget, I will be sure to update you.

Bouncer Alerts

Bouncer Alerts are already planned for V2 of the CuppaZee App, which is in development now. I've been alpha testing this system myself over the past few months, and it has been working great. I'm super excited to release this feature to the public once V2 is ready to go!

Places/Destination Planner

A Places/Destination Planner is certainly possible for me to implement into a future version of CuppaZee. This function would take some time to develop, but as there seems to be decent demand for this, I will definitely consider bringing this to CuppaZee.

Other Features

Most other features would likely be possible to bring to CuppaZee, but I would most likely only consider them if there is high enough demand. Remember to fill in the poll above so I can hear what features you use!